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27th January 2012


The principles of animation →

Check out the principles of animation, as illustrated with animation from the game Darkstalkers.

21st January 2012


Here is part two of the 180 degree character turn lesson.

21st January 2012


Here is part one of a lesson on how to do a 180 degree character turn.

18th January 2012

Video with 1 note

Great words of wisdom from Eric Goldberg.

16th January 2012

Video with 40 notes

Here’s the latest alphabet film I created: Animal Alphabet.

Tagged: alphabetkidsabcsanimalskindergarteneducational

14th January 2012


Frame by frame awesomeness →

Head on over to Frame X Frame and marvel at the short animations, frameby frame.

13th January 2012


I hope your Friday the 13th is a lucky one!

10th January 2012


"Ventriloquist Cat" is one of the best cartoon ever made.

8th January 2012


This is a great look at Ward Kimball. In the video, Ward talks about inspirations, family, work, and many of his hobbies.

6th January 2012


The animation in this Friskies commercial is pretty good, though apparently Friskies will make your cat hallucinate.